Summer Camping Information

The Following is information concerning What to Bring & What Not to Bring, Summer Camp Rules, & Security /Personal Safety


  • Tent (check pegs/lines/poles/groundsheet or tarp)
  • Tennis balls or other tent stake caps (this helps prevent punctured feet!)
  • Sleeping mat/sleeping bag/pillow
  • Ear plugs/cotton wool
  • Towels
  • Toiletries (biodegradable soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc)
  • Sunblock / Sunhat
  • Eye glasses/contact lenses
  • Medications / Medical info (allergies etc.)
  • Contraceptives (in case you need it)
  • Flashlight
  • Mobile phone
  • Camera/film
  • Reusable/washable food-ware (utensils, drink cup, coffee mug, plate). Please no disposables! We are providing composting on-site and do not want regular plastic cups to get mixed up with the compostable corn ones, etc.
  • All foods in BULK – Please remove any packaging off before you go and avoid one-serving items, as they create waste.
  • Cooler
  • Drinking water
  • Festival Ticket!
  • Money/cards
  • 2nd set of keys to your car
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Waterproof rain gear
  • Sweater/warm jacket/hat/gloves
  • Recycling and trash bags (biodegradable please)


The following Items are prohibited at the Enchanted Circle Festival and Campground:

    • No pets
    • No weapons of any kind
    • No fireworks
    • No illegal substances
    • No vending of any kind will be allowed. Vending of any kind and sale of alcohol/drugs is strictly prohibited in the campgrounds.
    • No box trucks
    • No amplified instruments
    • No bicycles or scooters or personal motorized vehicles will be permitted (This includes, but is not limited to: golf carts, ATV’s motor scooters, and powered skateboards)
    • NO GLASS CONTAINERS OF ANY KIND (This includes, but is not limited to: glass bottles, glass food jars, and anything made of glass). All glass containers will be confiscated upon entry to the festival and no exceptions will be made.
    • NO MORE than 3 cases of beer per person (in cans). Large amounts of alcohol will be confiscated.
    • No professional photography equipment allowed (small hand held cameras without additional lenses are fine).

SECURITY AND PERSONAL SAFETY at the Kachina Peak Camp Zone

  • Although there will be campground personnel in the area at all times, YOU are responsible for the security of your personal items.
  • The campground is located at an elevation of 10,200 feet above sea level. Festival staff will provide you with information on altitude sickness precaution and treatment. Be aware of the risks of altitude sickness and be familiar with the symptoms.
  • This is BEAR COUNTRY. For your safety and the safety of all others, be especially careful with food, coolers, garbage and any fragrant personal items. Do not leave any of these items in your tent, especially at night. They should be locked in the trunk of your vehicle. Any food garbage must be properly disposed of in the provided receptacles. Keep your site clean and please remember to “LEAVE NO TRACE”.


  • Campground Hours – For each festival weekend, the Camp Zone opens at 12:00 PM Friday, and all sites must be cleaned and vacated by 11:00 AM Monday for the first two weekends and by 11:00 am Tuesday for the third weekend.
  • Onsite Restrooms – For small weekends, portable toilets will be provided. Public Restrooms with toilets and sinks (no showers) will be available for large festival weekends. There are no electrical outlets in the restrooms.
  • Groceries and Supplies – There are no stores in the Kachina Camp
    Zone area. Campers are encouraged to get supplies prior to arrival. Bumps (open 9 AM – 9 PM) is the closest convenience and Liquor store, located in the base village “pagoda area of Taos Ski Valley. Full grocery stores are available in the Town of Taos.
  • Free pure mountain spring drinking water will be provided to all campers in the Kachina Peak Camp Zone. Please bring reusable water bottles.
  • Camping / Festival Shuttle – Free shuttle between lower Base Village and the festival grounds may be provided for large festival weekends with an occupancy over 300.
  • All camp sites provided for tent campers and RVs are not improved. They are on relatively level but uneven open ground with some rock content.
  • 15 sites are available for RVs with maximum allowed length of  22′.    There are no utilities and no dump station facilities at the Kachina Camp Zone. Dumping facilities are available for a fee and three RV Parks in the Town of Taos.
  • Campers are NOT allowed to carve, cut, chop or damage any live trees or native plant material.
  • All material including trash must be removed from your site and properly disposed of before checking out of the campground. Please remember “LEAVE NO TRACE”.
  • Gas generators are not allowed in the campgrounds, though solar-powered generators are allowed.
  • Campfires, portable gas grill/stoves or fireworks are not allowed in the Camp Zone.
  • A designated “Group Fire Pit” will be provided in the festival grounds area by Kachina Camp Zone staff and only if such a fire is allowed by the Village of Taos Ski Valley and the USFS. Fires may be prohibited if there are any State or Local fire bans at the time of the festival. Campers are NOT allowed to create their own fire pits and/or fires. Campers will not be allowed to set up tents near the Group Fire Pit area. The Group Fire Pit will be lit with flickering electric light if fires are not allowed.
  • Bring Instruments for informal late night Fireside Jams in the festival area.
  • No music will be allowed in the “quiet / family camping” zone after Midnight.
  • PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED – Due to the limited space and facilities, sorry there are NO pets allowed in the campground area. If you need to board your pet, 10,000 Wags offers a “pet resort” located just west of the turn off to Taos Ski Valley, (www.10000wags.com).
  • Parking – Camper parking is only allowed in designated parking spaces and only with visible parking pass placed on dash. Cars not parked without visible parking passes or not parked in designated parking spaces will be towed at owner’s expense.


  • First come first serve basis
  • Plan on being close to your neighbor
  • Please respect your neighbor and noise
  • There will be a designated “quiet camping/family camping” zone
  • Quiet hours start at midnight
  • No vehicles will be allowed in this area
  • Specific sites cannot be reserved in advance
  • You will be allowed to drive in for one half hour to unload then directed to park your vehicle for free off-site parking


  • This years Camp Zone will only include 15 RV spaces.
  • RVs must be 22 feet in length or less.
  • Every RV occupant must also purchase a three-day Camper Pass.
  • without hookups. Each RV will be required to purchase a RV camping pass as well as a regular camping pass for each onboard camper over age 11.
  • Festival will include a designated RV camping area.