Get Involved

If you would like to get involved with the Enchanted Circle Festival as a Sponsor, Vendor or Volunteer please contact us here and tell us how you want to get involved & what YOU have to offer the Enchanted Circle Festival!  Qualified local candidates who are interested in joining our community-based arts and entertainment festival experience will be considered with priority.

Sponsors - The Enchanted Circle Festival looks forward to partnering with companies and organizations that share our goals, values and mission. Being a sponsor of the Enchanted Circle Festival provides access to our festival, its patrons and related advertising. Enchanted Circle Festival Sponsors can greatly benefit from sharing products, services and ideas that align with our festival, our patrons’ lifestyles and their interests.

Your sponsorship support provides the catalyst we need to host successful community-based arts and entertainment events of great value to our patrons, community and the Enchanted Circle region of New Mexico. Candidate sponsors can use our contact form to get more information.

Vendors – Our community’s Enchanted Circle Festival experience will be enhanced by involving variety of vendors who can offer high quality products and services that are aligned with our festival’s theme and objectives. Interested vendors can use our contact form to apply.

Vendor Requirements for this summer’s Enchanted Circle Festival :

  1. All vendors involved with our Enchanted Circle Festival must be insured. The Village of Taos Ski Valley, TSV Inc. and the Bavarian must be named as additional insured. Copy of valid and qualified insurance policy must be provided to the Village of Taos Ski Valley’s festival manager (John Halley) prior to vendor’s admission to the festival venue. Vendors who cannot meet this requirement will not be allowed into the festival.
  2. All vendors must pay a $50 vendor fee in advance to the Village of Taos Ski Valley for each festival weekend, unless this fee is waved by Festival Manager.
  3. No additional alcohol vendors will be allowed for this summer’s Enchanted Circle Festival,  other than TSV Inc. (who may provide alcohol within the festival grounds during the last weekend).
  4. No food vendor opportunities are available for the High Mountain Get Down weekend. All food vendor candidates for the third weekend must be approved by the Festival Manager and the Bavarian at least two weeks in advance of the festival weekend.
  5. Vendor location will be provided and determined by the Festival Manager.
  6. Vendors will be responsible for their own set up and clean up.
  7. Vendor site must be left in equal or better condition than what was provided by the festival. At the Festival Manager’s discretion, a damage deposit may be also required.
  8. No pets or fires of any kind are allowed in the vendor area.
  9. Electric power service is in limited supply at our wilderness festival location. Electricity will only be provided by the festival if approved by the Festival Manager. In some cases, vendor provided generators may be allowed if approved by the Festival Manager.

ECF VendorInsurance includes an application for insurance from an insurance company approved by the Village of Taos Ski Valley. With the group vendor policy, insurance premium cost per weekend is very affordable at $35/vendor/weekend.

Vendor questions and inquiries should be emailed to the Festival Manager at:

Volunteers – Prospect volunteers can use our contact form to apply. If you are accepted as a volunteer you will be assigned two 4-5 hour shifts. We typically assign you one morning/afternoon and one afternoon/night shift. In exchange for your volunteer work, you will receive a festival pass.

Note Of Thanks:

Many thanks to all of our Sponsors, Volunteers, Benefactors, Musicians, Bands, Artists and Festivarians! The amazing festival culture we create together inspires pure magic that brings to life the full potential of our precious mountain community!