The Experience

Welcome to the Enchanted Circle Festival, a year-round community based arts and entertainment venue provided by Citizens of the Village of Taos Ski Valley. Located at the heart of Northern New Mexico’s Enchanted Circle, our unique alpine mountain environment offers a phenomenal opportunity for festival attendees to exchange ideas and philosophies in a manner that invites everyone to create, learn, explore, play and be.

Our festival organizers share a mission to provide compelling arts & entertainment events that embody and symbiotically embrace global health, well-being, sustainability and the spirit of this precious mountain festival location.

Over the course of our anticipated year-round festival events, festivarians will be able to experience and enjoy seasonal programs that include a wide range of country, reggae, electronica, rap, hip hop, bluegrass, rock, blues, folk, jazz and classical music, opera, live theater, performance art, dance, healing arts, craft fairs, fine arts, workshops and more.

Come experience the Enchanted Circle Festival’s diverse and spontaneous art, music and theater performances, where a collective vibe, local culture and community atmosphere commingle with the surrounding alpine wilderness for some secluded mountain magic. During your visit to Taos Ski Valley, surrounding national forest and wilderness, please join our community’s ongoing mission to preserve, conserve and protect our unique alpine community’s fragile ecology and precious natural resources.

Our community’s arts and entertainment activities, workshops and events are held throughout Taos Ski Valley. For the 2011 Enchanted Circle Summer Festival, festival grounds planning and outdoor stage design in Kachina were provided by the Enchanted Circle Festival’s General Manager, John Halley of Comet Studios,

John Halley hand crafted the stage out of local dead standing logs and construction rock debris with an amazing volunteer construction crew that included Jessie Miera, Lawrence Lujan, Joey Apodaca, Olaf Mingo, Bill Ingle, Jeff Green, Ben Cook, Dominic Abbott, Lane Glover, Thomas Schulze, Taos Pueblo volunteers and others.

In 2012, we built an exciting new outdoor stage & festival grounds centrally located in Taos Ski Valley’s Base Village area.

Moving forward, may our community’s future be forever blessed with bountiful arts, culture and entertainment that sustainably fills our citizens, guests and visitors with inspiration, heartfelt joy, well-being and prosperity!