Enchanted Circle Music & Arts Carnival – September 2-5


The Enchanted Circle Music and Arts Carnival featured music from some of the best talent in New Mexico and the Southwest, unique art installations, live painting, camping, live theatre, workshops, YOU, and much more. As our summer festival’s biggest weekend event, Enchanted Carnival stands alone as the only festival of its kind in New Mexico with such an intimate and serene outdoor environment. Thanks to all our festival patrons for participating with the co-creation of a magical four-day event, where we transcended individualism and created a collective consciousness through live music and art.

This weekend was a huge success! Checkout the slideshow to see some of the line up. More images will be added from the participants.

Great photos by Julian Trujillo, Lara Keithley, Dominic Abbott & others. Thank you all for posting photos on your Facebook pages!!! You all captured the spirit of the Enchanted Circle Festival Summer 2011 season!

The Line Up


Friday  Sept.  2

5:00-6:00pm: Georgio O’niel
6:00-6:30pm: Opening Ceremony
7:00-8:00pm: Zenova
8:20-9:20pm: Justin Hood and DJ OHM
9:40-11:10pm: Rand Larzeny
11:40-1:00pm: Concepto Tambor
1:00-2:00am: Zenova and Friends

Saturday  Sept.  3

11:00-12:00pm: The Breaktone
12:15-1:15pm: Todd and the Fox
1:30-2:30pm:  Cali Shaw
2:45-3: 45pm: Red Light Cameras
4:00-5:00pm: The Big Spank
5:20-6:20pm: Felix y Los Gatos
7:00-9:00pm: Whitewater Ramble
9:30-10:15pm: D Numbers
10:45-12:30am: Lost Lingo
1:00-2:00am:  DJs

Sunday  Sept.  4

12-12:45pm: Pete’s Stand Up Comedy
1:00-200pm: Christian Orellia
2:20-3:20pm: Element 37
3:40-4:40pm: Totem
5:00-6:00pm: Da Bruddah Project
6:20-8:20pm: The Squash Blossom Boys
8:40-10:00pm: Baracutanga
10:20pm- 11:20pm:  Bulletproof Tiger
11:40-12:40am: Monster Paws
1:00-2:00am:  Zenova and Friends

(Lineup and Schedule may be subject to change)

The Bands

The Squash Blossom Boys

squash blossom boys


Lost Lingo

lost lingo


The Breaktone


Rand Larzeny

rand larzeny


WhiteWater Ramble

High-Octane Rocky Mountain DanceGrass

Colorado-bred quintet combines the elements of Mandolin, Fiddle, Acoustic Guitar, Upright Bass, Drums and Vocals to explore the musical boundaries of multiple genres to fuel their own mixture of original music and innovative cover song interpretations.  Whether playing an intimate encore, acoustic and unplugged in the crowd, or surfing on top of the upright bass, WhiteWater Ramble delivers a powerful and memorable live performance.


Artist: Bulletproof Tiger

Bulletproof  Tiger is an instrumental, live-electronica, rock-synth group from El Paso, Texas.  The plastic-tiger-mask-wearing duo is comprised of the aliased Bobby Miracles (guitar) and Jean-Luc Duvalier (keyboard/synth) who, after meeting in the summer of 2009, began playing together after discovering their passion for both dance/electronic music and hip-hop.  Heavily influenced by such groups as Daft Punk, the Twelves and Gorillaz, the intensity and aggressive nature of Bulletproof Tiger’s “dance-bangers” are only complimented by the symbolism behind their tiger masks – which are never removed in public. The tiger masks help to  represent the animalistic nature of their music as these two intend to “murder” people with their electric dance beats. The masks serve to remind their crowds that Bulletproof Tiger is not about making their music about themselves, but about the party.

Since  starting their project in early 2010, Bulletproof Tiger has performed with such up-and-coming groups as Prefuse 73, Miami Horror, DJ Skrillex,  Steve Aoki and Miniature Tigers. Bulletproof Tiger also performed at the inaugural Neon Desert Music Festival along with such acts as CSS, MSTRKRFT, Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group, Dirty Vegas, Designer Drugs, Beach  Fossils and Parallels.

Bulletproof  Tiger is releasing a 7″ vinyl in June 2011 which features two tracks from their full-length album set for release in July 2011.


Artist: D Numbers


Since the band’s inception in 2002, D Numbers has been steadily forging their own path in music. D Numbers’ broad range of influences and long process of group development have led to a complex and unique hybrid of instrumental rock and electronica. The magic of a D Numbers’ live performances is in the realtime reorganization of analog sounds from live instruments into intricate webs of loops, samples and digital bliss. D Numbers creates multilayered compositions rich in texture and depth as the audience watches them bob and sway in sync; stomping on pedals and lunging for knobs and faders, all the while locked into a solid groove. Exploring a wide range of feelings and tonalities that range from melancholy ambience to aggressive rock to ecstatic funk, D Numbers takes their listeners on a sonic joyride.

d numbers loves you!

Artist: Concepto Tambor


Artist: Da Bruddah Project


Artist: Totem



Artist: The Big Spank


A mix of latin style with elements of reggae, ska, hip hop, and disco, fueled by a punk attitude and a knack for making crowds young and old dance and sing the infectious hooks. THE BIG SPANK’s stage antics are high energy and are as entertaining as the music.


Artist: Monster Paws

Download Monster Paws debut album:



Artist: Red Light Cameras











Red Light Cameras is a 4 piece indie-pop outfit started in 2010 in Albuquerque, NM. The bands catchy melodies have quickly caught the attention of music lovers across the city. They are quickly becoming a regular act performing at many venues. Red Light Cameras plays music because it is fun, and being accomplished performance artists, aside from the band, they are always guaranteed to put on an entertaining show!


Artist: Felix y Los Gatos


Artist: Zenova

Artist: Baracutanga

Hailing from Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina and Brazil, BARACUTANGA has become a household name in the Albuquerque night life and has been lighting up Albuquerque dance floors for more than two years.  Known for their contagious rhythm and non-stop Brazilian Samba and Batucada, BARACUTANGA will make any audience get up on their feet and dance to the beats of the most notorious South American styles such as Afro-Peruvian, Colombian Cumbias & Brazilian Samba and Batucada.  BARACUTANGA is Jackie Zamora (Peru) Lead Vocals, Blake Minnerly (USA-Brazil) Guitar & Vocals, Kilko Paz (Bolivia) Percussion and Charango, Carlos Noboa (Ecuador) Bass, Sebastian Pais (Argentina), Saxophone & Percussion, Ari LeVeaux (USA) Percussion and Nick Baker (USA) Drums, Vibes.


Artist:La Familia

Artist: Element 37

Artist: Justin Hood & DJ OHM

Justin Hood was brought up with Southwest style and old-fashioned tendencies that transcend his craft. Hood’s late grandmother, Elsie Jo, brought him up with big band standards and big city antics. Hood’s crooner-like characteristics mix naturally with the explosive stage presence he conveys in his live performances.

Between the here and now, Justin Hood has skimmed the depths of various genres including, hip-hop, electronica, rock, folk and traditional standards to mention a few. He is a vocalist, DJ, and producer under several aliases that appeal to his wandering musical taste.

His most recent work, The Falling Season, is a beautifully woven album that identifies with the soul’s soundscape. The Falling Season is a mix down-tempo melodies, hip-hop bangers threaded by conscious and compelling lyrics.

Justin Hood’s crave to be in a constant creative flux has made it intriguingly difficult to classify his style or himself as an individual. Despite his steadfast soul-searching, Hood is a genuine rhythm of originality within a humdrum industry.

Artist:Todd & the Fox

With a banjo in his hands, Todd Eric Lovato creates feet-stomping, award-winning, roots music. Equal parts singer/songwriter, showman and music producer, Todd Eric has garnered a loyal musical following and critic accolades for his music, as evidenced by five New Mexico Music Awards and a recent surge of flattering reviews from local music writers.

Todd and the Fox is currently recording its newest project, an album of dusty, dance-oriented songs written exclusively on his five-string banjo and the electronic music software Ableton Live. The music features drums by the talented multi-instrumentalist Erik Sawyer. In the tradition of rustic American folk and blues, Todd Eric takes a minimalist approach to the performance.

Audience members have described the music as “electro-folk”, a hybrid between modern acts like The Black Keys and The White Stripes and the enigmatic backwoods sounds of The Carter Family and Robert Johnson.

Fresh off a recent win at the New Mexico Music Awards (“Blessed Christine” Best Production in Americana, 2010), Todd Eric is ready to share his unique blend of dust and neon with the masses. “On the surface it’s predominantly old-timey banjo music, but the pulsing bass and four-to-the-floor drums add a rhythmic punch that seems to really capture the audience,” Todd Eric says of his music. “I’ve discovered the perfect formula: The listener’s mind connects with the timeless melodies of the folk songs and their bodies can’t resist the powerful beat.”

Todd Eric is ranked among Santa Fe’s top musicians in ReverbNation’s music charts and is regularly hired as a studio session musician for his proficiency on banjo, bass and Dobro instruments. He is also a writer, communications specialist, holds an M.B.A. in finance, and is a founder of Santa Fe-based record label Penguino Records, which houses the bands Felonious Groove Foundation, Skinnyfat and Fantastic Planet.


Recent Press:

Artist: Cali Shaw

Cali Shaw performs timeless acoustic singer/songwriter folk with a Southwestern twist.  Songs  crafted on acoustic guitar and Cuban Tres, Cali Shaw is accompanied by Lisa Donald on cello, Dan Spanogle on upright bass,multi-instrumentalist Todd Eric Lovato, and rotating drummers Josh English, Erik Sawyer and Richard Compton. Cali Shaw is the co-founder and band leader of long time local  funk contingent Felonious Groove Foundation. Cali Shaw is currently wrapping up production on the first album under this group, to be released fall of 2011 under Penguino Records.

For more information visit http://www.calishaw.com


Line up subject to change.