Moon Juice-July 29-31

As the first weekend of the Enchanted Circle Festival, Moon Juice  offered a wide array of music acts ranging from Electronica, Jambands, Folk and Acoustic.

Moon Juice Weekend offered two days of outstanding entertainment on July 29-30. 

That’s right, grab your friends, pack your tent, borrow your mom’s SUV,  and cruise up to Taos Ski Valley for our dance party in the mountains.

Let the Moon and stars energize your soul and let’s get funky under the night sky.

This was a great weekend! The music was definitely energizing!!!

Photos by Dominic Abbott & others.

The Line Up:

Saturday July 30:

2-3pm: Taos Pueblo music, drumming and dance 1 Opening Ceremonies
3-4pm: Taos Pueblo music, drumming and dance 2
4-5pm: break /change over setup for monkey feeders
5-7pm: The Monkey Feeders
7:15-8:30pm: The Noms
8:45-9:30 Spoolious
9:30- 10:15pm Zia Zombie
10:15-11:45pm WMD
11:45-12:30pm Zenova

The Noms

“Sit down and stop your thinking; come on in and stay awhile. This place was meant for drinking, so bottoms up and start to smile” croon a tiny girl and two front men, grins childish and wide as the crowd chants along with them to the lyrics of “Bar Song”. These booming voices make up part of a group called The Noms, a five member acoustic-pop band from Albuquerque, N.M.

But this is not your typical “pop” band following the trend of the moment. They experiment, guided by a recipe heavy in gutsy vocal harmonies and spiced by the three distinct solo styles of the group’s singers. Since their inception in the summer of 2009, the group has mesmerized listeners with a broad range of rhythmic and melodic textures — in one moment rallying the audience to wild, free spirited dancing and in the next, stirring deep emotions and even tears. But the true blood of each song is the expression of who they are as individuals and their distinct personalities as a definition ever-shaped by each other and the love of music.”

“There is no separation, no wall perforating the connection between audience and performance. Friend, fan, mom, passerby, bartender — everyone is a part of the music. For The Noms, the exhilarating part about what they do is not just the harmony of the band, but the harmony of sharing happiness.”


“Jamming from the Southwest, primary studies include the investigation of the mechanics of harmonic mixing and incorporation of genre bending melodic mashups from the widest variety of my favorite producers.”





Artist: WMD
(Sub Culture || Roustabout Circus)

Weapons of Musical Destruction (WMD) is the heavy hitting collaboration between New Mexico based producers and DJs Blue Sunshine and Satya. Rocking a minimum 6 channels of sound at any given moment, the duo unleashes a flurry of big room bass that brings dubstep to peak hour dance floors across the southwest.Their always improvised dual laptop sets weave elements of live PA, on the fly re-mixes, traditional mixing, mash-ups, and audience interaction together to create a unique high energy performance. Watch out! Bass Bombs away!

Artist: Zia Zombie
(Sub Culture)

Never  knowing what he’s going to play until he steps up yo the decks, Zia Zombie is a master of improvisation. As one of the founders of the Sub Culture artist’ collective innovation is his nature. Artistically, Zia Zombie is always pushing the boundaries. He seamlessly weaves selected tracks together in a style that defies genre with an uncanny ability to jump between bpms that leaves other DJs in awe. Strap your dancing shoes  on tight, because your gonna need ‘em, as Zia Zombie takes you on an unpredictable journey through Breaks, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Glitch Hop, Midtempo, and some styles we don’t even have names for yet.

Artist: Spoolious

More information coming soon……

Artist: The Stolen Instruments