2011 Summer Partners, Sponsors, Vendors & Volunteers

The Enchanted Circle Festival has been conceived as a year-round community based arts and entertainment venue provided by the Village of Taos Ski Valley. For this 2011 summer’s introductory weekend events, the Village of Taos Ski Valley has partnered with Taos Ski Valley Inc., the Bavarian Lodge & Restaurant, Comet Studios and the Albuquerque based Glad Castle Presents production company.

This year’s inaugural festival is offered in memory of Bruce Kelly, as an initiating step toward manifesting a Community Center for Arts and Entertainment at Taos Ski Valley. Our introductory village-sponsored arts and entertainment venue would not have been possible without the substantial support provided by our community’s Mayor, VTSV Council members, staff, local businesses and former Village Administrator Bruce Kelly.


Festival grounds planning and stage design were provided by the Enchanted Circle Festival’s General Manager, John Halley of Comet Studios (www.cometstudios.com).

John Halley hand crafted the stage out of local dead standing logs and construction rock debris with an amazing volunteer construction crew that included Jessie Miera, Lawrence Lujan, Joey Apodaca, Olaf Mingo, Bill Ingle, Jeff Green, Ben Cook, Dominic Abbott, Lane Glover, Thomas Schulze, Taos pueblo volunteers and others.

Partners For Summer 2011

2011 Summer Sponsors

Comet Studios Web Design & Development – ECF web site



Trend Magazine – advertising and promotion









Charles Fox and Nick Sonne, The Resort at Taos Ski Valley – provided logs from dead standing trees for project .

2011 Summer Vendors

Black Diamond Espresso

Enhanced camping at the Enchanted Circle Festival! Black Diamond Espresso will be open Labor Day Weekend offering a full espresso menu in the heart of the camping zone. Open Saturday, Sunday and Monday at 7:30 am. Serving breakfast burritos, bagels, granola and freshly baked breakfast breads.
Black Diamond Espresso for the People.


Our onsite Massage Therapists:

2011 Summer Volunteers

A very big thanks to our volunteers!!!

High Mountain Get Down August 12-14

Friday – Sunday:
Marc Rabinowitz
Sloan Pearsall
Morgan Harlan
Nathan Campbell

Saturday – Sunday:
Steven Ikeda
Brandon Burnett
Andrew Don King
Trisha Bowers
Jay Bowers